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With the coronavirus lockdown, as majority of the workforce has gone remote, the boundaries between work and life have diminished. People are having trouble disconnecting from work. They don’t know what to do after work, so just continue working to feel more productive.


  • After-work routines got broken with pandemic  lockdown

  • Lack of human interaction and mental switch between work & life

  • Feeling exhausted and unsure about what to do in their personal time


Product Vision

As Work from Home becomes the new normal with diminished boundaries between work and leisure time, Duolyfe helps you to disconnect from work by switching to personal activities and adapting to this new WFH lifestyle.

Product Research

After 15 user interviews, analyzing 100+ user surveys and thorough market research, it was clear that there was clearly an unmet need.

The productivity market space has more than 100,000 applications focusing on Habit Tracking, Blocking Dital Distractions, To Do Lists etc, but none of the apps motivates the user intrinsically to disconnect from work.

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User Analysis

After completing the product and market research, we identified our User Archetype.

Target User Group:

  • New remote workers forced to work from home because of the pandemic

  • Millennial age range of 24 -40 years old

  • Have a separate work computer


After creating the user journey map and building out the How Might We's, Duolyfe team gathered the core insight that

"People often overwork at irregular hours and feel too exhausted and unsure about what to do in their personal time." in other words, they lack motivation to use their personal time creatively.

After hours of ideating and brainstorming, we stuck to the idea of a pet, which motivates you to take care of yourself by taking care of your pet! And..


Your work-from-home best BUDDY will help you stay satisfied with life after work by:

1. filling up free time with meaningful activities

2. motivating to stay on track

3. personalized and engaging interaction with friends

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Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 12.13.59
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Design & Prototyping

I collaborated with a team of 2 designers to start developing the wireframes and high fidelity mockups of our app.

We completed 5 design iterations based on feedback from usability testing on the paper prototypes. Later we switched to Figma to create high-resolution screens and the clickable app prototype.

Testing and Launch

I prioritized the features and user stories using the RICE framework and finalized the MVP feature list.

Currently I am collaborating with 2 engineers to develop the MVP and launch it on the Play Store.

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