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(Portable Cooking Hood)

Role - Product Design Lead

Nouvair is The World’s Most Effective, Energy-efficient, Quiet, and Affordable Kitchen Exhaust Hood.

Problem that Nouvair solves:

  • Most range hoods capture less than 30% of smoke and pollutants from cooking. By placing Nouvair closer to the source, it can capture more than 80% of the smoke and pollutants.

  • A typical range hood consumes between 300 and 1,800 Watts/Hr. Nouvair uses less than a tenth of that, saving you $ while keeping your home clean and fresh.

  • Nouvair’s 4 layer-filtration system stops harmful pollutants and offensive odors.


(Sleeping Pod)

Role - Product Designer

Repod is world's first self-service resting pod in shared-office spaces to facilitate napping at work.

Have you ever wished for a 30 min nap after having lunch? Have you ever put your head down on desk to take a nap for 10 mins?

Well, don't feel bad! These are the problems that Repod is here to solve. Below are some statistics for a company:

  • No private space to take a good nap.

  • 72% of workers want to take a good nap

  • 9% have access to workplace resting service

  • 51% Loss of productivity due to fatigue


(Medical Device)

Role - Product Designer

The project was to develop a hardware solution for Keriton, a Pumped Breast Milk Management system for Neonatal ICU's to improve nurse productivity and increase expression of breast milk in lactating mothers.


I Pioneered a fully automated hardware system to track milk-bottle inventory, recipes, and feeding order with a simple device.

Read about my story here.


(Water Purifier)

Role - Product Designer

I always wanted to design products or the less privileged section of society. 

With Everwaters, I got the opportunity to design a water purifier for the Kenyan market using oringa Oleifera, a naturally occuring plant seed.

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